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The scientific and industrial communities are often unaware of the work of each other. We aim to provide a service where you can find all the information you require, for a specicific specialisation, all on the same web site. We would welcome suggestions for other areas.

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Your advert could be here - take a look at our advertising rates
Your advert could be here - take a look at our advertising rates

Sponsorship for Research and

We would like Research and to be able to support members of the community to attend various events (conferences, trade shows etc.) where a good case has been made. We are seeking donations where all the funds we receive will be pooled to support this initiative.

We envisage this initiative working as follows:

  • We will collect funds through donations from the community
  • Anybody who donates will be acknowledged on this web site unless they wish to remain anonymous
  • We will issue regular (the timescales will depend on the funds available) calls for proposals to support individuals. These calls will have a fixed deadline
  • We would expect to fund items such as conference registration fees and some support for subsistence. We do not envisage that we would support travel and accommodation
  • All the proposals that we receive will be considered by members of an advisory board. This board will comprise Senior Managers from Research and, invited individuals and other members who have nominated themselves (and have been accepted)
  • If you wish to be considered as part of the advisory board, please email us (Alex Douglas) stating why you believe that you would be suitable for the post
  • Once the advisory board had reached their decision, an offer would be made to the proposer, along with te amount being offered
  • The payment would be made to the individual after the event had taken place and after a brief report had been received. This report would be made available on this web site
  • A condition of accepting the award would be to acknowledge the support received from Research and
  • As this is a new initiative the items listed above are subject to change but we emphasise that all the monies received via donations will be used to support this initiative. Research and will not make payments to the advisory board, charge any administration fees etc.

If you would like to make a donation, please use the button below.