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The scientific and industrial communities are often unaware of the work of each other. We aim to provide a service where you can find all the information you require, for a specicific specialisation, all on the same web site. We would welcome suggestions for other areas.

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Your advert could be here - take a look at our advertising rates

Vehicle Routing: Consultantcy

We would like this page to list any consultants that have expertise in vehicle routing, and associated areas. If you would like to be listed on this page, please let know (email: We require your company name, the URL of your company and a brief description (up to 500 characters) of the service(s) you offer.

If you require any form of consultancy services please drop us an email. We cannot promise, but we may be able to put you in touch with somebody who can help (email:

beacon dodsworth

beacon dodsworth are mapping and data specialists based in the UK. They offer end-to-end mapping solutions for the automotive, logistics, retail and finance industries as well as the public sector. See their web site here.

Drools Planner

Drools Planner is an open source, production used meta-heuristic framework (including simulated annealing and tabu search) in java. It is not an end-user product, but it is a solid based for implementing difficult vehicle routing problems fast with high quality algorithms. See their web site here.

WIH Resource Group: Waste Management & Logistical Solutions

WIH Resource Group develops Client-Specific Environmental and Logistical Solutions. See their web site here.

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