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Vehicle Routing: Journals

On this page we have listed journals that have published papers on Vehicle Routing. This might useful to you if you either want to submit your research articles to any of these journals, or want to keep up to date with the latest development in the area. If you find any mistakes, or know of a journal that is missing, please let us know (email:

We would also be happy to provide a brief (up to 500 characters) description of the journal if the editor(s) or publisher would like to send us something (email:

Featured Journals

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  1. 4OR: A Quarterly Journal of Operations Research
  2. Advances in Engineering Software
  3. Advanced Engineering Informatics
  4. Aerospace Science and Technology
  5. Annals of Operations Research
  6. Applied Artificial Intelligence
  7. Applied Intelligence
  8. Applied Mathematics and Computation
  9. Applied Soft Computing
  10. Artificial Intelligence Review
  11. Central European Journal of Operations Research
  12. Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems
  13. Computational Management Science
  14. Computational Optimization and Applications
  15. Computers & Industrial Engineering
  16. Computers & Operations Research
  17. Computers & Mathematics with Applications
  18. Computers in Industry
  19. Constraints
  20. Decision Support Systems
  21. Discrete Applied Mathematics
  22. Discrete Optimization
  23. Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics
  24. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  25. Engineering Optimization
  26. European Journal of Industrial Engineering
  27. European Journal of Operational Research
  28. Expert Systems with Applications
  29. Fuzzy Sets and Systems
  30. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
  31. IIE Transactions
  32. INFORMS Journal on Computing
  33. Interfaces
  34. International Journal of Advanced Operations Management
  35. International Journal of Computer Mathematics
  36. International Journal of Production Economics
  37. International Journal of Production Research
  38. International Journal of Systems Science
  39. International Transactions in Operational Research
  40. Journal of Algorithms in Cognition, Informatics and Logic
  41. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization
  42. Journal of Global Optimization
  43. Journal of Heuristics
  44. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
  45. Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology, Planning, and Operations
  46. Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms
  47. Journal of the Operational Research Society
  48. Journal of Scheduling
  49. Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering
  50. Logistics Research
  51. Management Science
  52. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
  53. Mathematical and Computer Modelling
  54. Mathematical Methods of Operations Research
  55. Mathematical Programming
  56. Natural Computing
  57. Networks
  58. Omega
  59. OR Spectrum
  60. Operational Research
  61. Operations Research
  62. Operations Research Letters
  63. Optimization A Journal of Mathematical Programming and Operations Research
  64. Parallel Computing
  65. Public Transpor: Planning and Operations
  66. Production Planning & Control The Management of Operations
  67. Soft Computing: A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications
  68. Swarm Intelligence
  69. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  70. TOP
  71. Transportmetrica
  72. Transportation Planning and Technology
  73. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice
  74. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
  75. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies
  76. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment
  77. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review
  78. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour
  79. Transportation Science

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