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Vehicle Routing: Software Providers

This page contains a list of software providers that are related to vehicle routing. We have also included GIS software, transportation, logistics (related to transportation) etc. It is not a comprehensive list and if you believe that an entry is missing, please let us know by emailing us ( and providing a URL link to the page company/software. If you believe that there is a mistake on this page, we would also like to know so that we can correct it.

When we added each entry, we simply took the company name or the software package name (whichever seemed most applicable) and added a link. If you believe that our entry is incorrect, or you would like to add a short description (see below), please let us know (by emailing Some examples of the things we would be happy to change are:

  • We would be happy to add a brief description of the company/software. Please email us some text ( The limit is 500 characters (including spaces and other punctuation).
  • If you would like us to change the title of the company/software we are happy to do this (but it must be the company name or the software title, not a lengthy description).
  • If you would like us to a more appropriate URL, plese email us the URL that we should use.
  • Of course, if you are not happy having your company listed on this site we will be happy to remove it./li>

In addition to the companies/software listed below, you might also be interested in the Vehicle Routing Software Survey, that was published in OR/MS Today in February 2008.

Featured Companies

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Software Providers

  1. Advantage Route Systems
  2. ALK Technologies
  3. AND: Automotive Navigation Data
  4. Arcline (2000) Inc.
  5. Arc Logistics: Routing and Scheduling for Fleets
  6. AutoLogic Systems Ltd.
  7. Axon Trucking Software
  8. Beacon Dodsworth
  9. C2Logix
  10. Caliper Corporation
  11. CarrierNetOnline
  12. CDX Technologies

    CDXZipStream is a low cost Microsoft Excel add in that, working with Microsoft MapPoint in the background, optimizes the order of stops on a driving route, provides step-by-step driving directions, estimated fuel cost and trip duration, and route maps. The user works entirely within the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel, where the spreadsheet format allows for easy data input and analysis of many driving routes.

  13. CimaTruck
  14. Classic Software: Trucking Management Software
  15. CollectiveData
  17. Degama Systems Inc.
  18. Dossier: Fleet Management Maintenance Software
  19. DPS International: Global Logistics Solutions
  20. DNA Evolutions
  21. Dynamic Routing Solutions Inc.
  22. Enaptive
  23. Enterprise Transportation Software
  24. Eureka Software Ltd.
  25. First Degree Solutions
  26. Friendly Pro Vehicle Routing Ltd.
  27. GeoMicro Inc.
  28. Geospatial Mapping Software
  29. GIRO Inc.
  30. INFOR
  31. Innovative Computing Corporation
  32. it Transport Software
  33. Jeppesen
  34. Logistical Transport
  35. Map Suite
  36. MapMechanics
  37. MicroAnalytics
  38. Melton Technologies Inc.
  39. MJC2
  40. Nemsys: Routemate
  41. Optrak
  42. ORTEC
  43. Paragon
  44. ProMiles
  45. Prophesy
  46. Rand McNally
  47. Ron Turley Associates
  48. Routing Guides
  49. Route Optimiser
  50. Route Solutions Inc.
  51. Routemonkey
  52. RouteSmart
  53. RouteSmith
  54. Supply Chain Intelligence
  55. Schedule Viewer
  56. Tailwind
  57. Telargo Inc.
  58. Telogis
  59. tmWare
  60. TomTom WORK
  61. TransIT
  63. TrackRoad
  64. Trinium
  65. TSI Automation
  66. TruckMaster
  67. UPS Logistics Technologies
  68. Viamente

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